Marcus & Amber Capone – Using Plant Medicine for a Veteran with PTSD

Sep 29, 2023 | Health, People, Videos

Marcus and Amber Capone, a couple with a 20+ year history of never giving up on each other, have a remarkable story to tell. Marcus is a retired Navy SEAL, having served multiple combat deployments before leaving the military in 2013. Upon his return home, Marcus had to deal with countless challenges including depression, isolation, cognitive impairment, and TBI (traumatic brain injury).
Despite years of exhaustive efforts by various specialists, brain clinics, and pharmaceutical options, Marcus found no answers and was descending into darkness. His wife, Amber, was his support system, his pillar of strength. She explored one last option before giving up hope and discovered an alternative plant medicine experience that had successfully worked for a fellow SEAL.
As a result of their decision to undergo this plant medicine experience outside the US, Marcus underwent a profound transformation, which the couple attributes to saving his life as well as their family. The profound change in Marcus sparked the birth of VETS (Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions) in 2019, a non-profit aimed at helping veterans gain access to alternative plant therapies. Marcus and Amber shared their incredible journey, in hope of inspiring fellow servicemen and women who are struggling to find their way back to themselves.
The documentary, which features Marcus and Amber’s journey, is a must-watch. It is an inspiring tale of love, hope, and resilience. As you watch, you will be captivated by the couple’s unwavering determination to find a solution despite facing numerous setbacks.

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David B