Lynne McTaggart – Anyone Can Do Group Healing

Sep 2, 2023 | Health, Videos

Group healing is an incredibly powerful and accessible practice, one that we can all learn to do. In this clip from the Hay House HEAL Summit, acclaimed author and authority on alternative health Lynne McTaggart shares her knowledge of group healing and why it works so well.

McTaggart explains that group healing provides a unique power to help people heal. When multiple minds come together to focus on giving or receiving healing energy, the power of collective intention can be harnessed for exponential results. Even relatively small groups of people with a collective intention for healing can produce significant changes in those who are present. This is because there is an increased connection between positive thoughts and feelings when in groups, which amplifies the effect of individual thoughts or intentions.

McTaggart also explains that anyone can learn how to do group healing regardless of their experience level or expertise. With just a few simple steps, anyone can access this ancient practice for themselves or others in need. This clip from the Hay House HEAL Summit offers us valuable insight into the power of group healing and how we can use it to bring greater balance and harmony into our lives.

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David B