Kelly Noonan Gores – Advice For Choosing Between Healing Modality Options

Sep 17, 2023 | Health, Videos

I’d like to share some insights into the HEAL Podcast – a movement guided by the healing power of conversation. In this sole episode, we dive into the reasons why there will be a temporary pause in the podcast series. Namely, our host has decided to take a moment to focus on her wellbeing and recharge her energies, as the rigorous routine has taken a toll on both her mental and physical health.
This podcast provides a platform where incredibly inspiring guests – experts in their respective fields – come to share their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives on how to enhance our quality of life. These conversations provide us with a space to talk about important and life-changing topics such as self-care, spirituality, mindfulness, nutrition, and much more.
Charismatic, passionate, and endearing, the podcast’s host takes center stage as she guides the conversations with her guests. In her solo episode above, she explains the importance of “practicing what we preach”, and being kind to ourselves. It’s more critical than ever that we take a moment to recharge our batteries and practice self-care before continuing our journey of growth and fulfillment.
If you’re looking for a fresh take on self-improvement, then you’re in for a treat. We highly recommend HEAL, a powerful documentary that explores mind-body healing modalities, offering hope and inspiration to people everywhere. With interviews from experts such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Joe Dispenza, this remarkable film provides us with new insights into ourselves that we have never known before.

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David B