Images of the refugee crisis

Aug 20, 2023 | Culture, History, Videos

In 2015, Germany witnessed an unprecedented influx of refugees fleeing war and persecution in their home countries. The event stirred the nation, and the world, and while countless images of the crisis circulated in the media, they barely scratched the surface of individual stories and struggles.
In this emotional and thought-provoking documentary, Bamdad Esmaili and Matthias Fuchs go beyond the snapshots and meet with people whose lives were forever changed by the crisis, searching for answers to some of the most pressing questions that continue to haunt us today. Through interviews with refugees, volunteers, and survivors, the film uncovers the human stories behind the headlines and explores the long-term effects of the crisis on both the refugees and the German society. The documentary examines the role of integration policies, the social and political impact of the crisis, and the way we view cultures and communities that differ from our own. “We’ll manage it,” Chancellor Merkel had said back then, but has Germany truly managed to build an inclusive and equitable society for everyone?

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David B