Right America: Feeling Wronged

Aug 17, 2023 | Political, Videos

Alexandra Pelosi, six-time Emmy nominee, has produced an eye-opening documentary that is sure to draw attention from viewers across the political spectrum. The film titled The Trials of Ted Haggard and Friends of God, is an exploration of the lives and beliefs of those living in middle America. Through her lens, Pelosi offers a unique perspective on what is right and wrong in this part of the country – without taking sides.

The documentary sheds light on a range of topics and experiences – some uplifting and others disheartening. From exploring the cultural fabric to delving into deep-seated customs still maintained by many in the region, Pelosi provides an intimate look at life in the heartland. She also captures shocking moments as well as inspiring ones, proving that no matter which side one takes on any given issue, all have a story to tell.

For those interested in learning more about middle America, watching The Trials of Ted Haggard and Friends of God should be an absolute must! It’s an immersive experience that will leave you with plenty to think about while also providing much needed insight into a region often overlooked by mainstream media outlets. Alexandra Pelosi has done a remarkable job with this film – so don’t miss out and watch it today!

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David B