How contract workers are exploited

Sep 5, 2023 | Business, People, Social, Videos

The meat industry in Germany has been under a microscope since the Covid-19 outbreak at Tönnies, the largest meat company in the country, exposed the exploitative working conditions and precarious employment faced by contract workers from eastern Europe. But Tönnies is just one example of a widespread practice of using subcontractors in the meat, construction, logistics, cleaning, and automotive industries to avoid the high wage costs of permanent workers. This has led to a dangerous shrinking of the middle class and the largest low-wage sector in western Europe.
In this documentary, viewers will witness firsthand the reality of precarious and exploitative employment in Germany, how it undermines the welfare state, and how it is misused by corporations to maximize profits. Through interviews with experts, workers, and union representatives, the film explores why Denmark is able to avoid Covid-19 outbreaks in its meat industry and what Germany can learn from Denmark’s model of permanent employment and unionization. Don’t miss this incisive and timely examination of the consequences of precarious employment for workers and society.

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David B