HEAL Continuing The Conversation – Arndrea King, Rev. Michael Beckwith & Bruce Lipton

Americans are waking up to the systemic racism and oppression that has been perpetuated for centuries in the United States. George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others have lost their lives due to racism, leaving a deep-seated collective trauma in BIPOC communities across the nation.

In an effort to explore how we can heal this systematic racism and find solutions to this pressing issue, renowned speakers Arndrea King, Bruce Lipton and Rev. Michael Beckwith have come together with HEAL documentary director Kelly Gores to discuss this very important topic. The discussion provides insight into the chaotic events of our time as well as what Black Lives Matter is really all about.

The documentary seeks to explore these topics further by looking at firsthand accounts of those affected by racism as well as experts’ analysis on how to move forward towards justice and healing. It will also reveal powerful stories that demonstrate the courage and resilience of individuals fighting for change in their communities.

At a particularly pivotal moment of reckoning against racism in America, it is more important than ever that we continue striving towards creating justice for those wronged by systematic oppression. We must take action now toward making lasting change and ensuring that our society is one built upon understanding, respect and equality for all. To do so requires that we educate ourselves by listening to those directly affected by racist policies as well as hearing from experts on the subject matter. Watching HEAL’s insightful documentary is a great place to start gaining this knowledge and insight into how we


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