Grain and the war in Ukraine – Is Russia using wheat as leverage?

Sep 29, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

Amidst the turmoil of war between Russia and Ukraine, a new crisis has emerged. Ukraine’s wheat exports have taken a massive hit due to the conflict, which has resulted in shortages worldwide, affecting food security, most notably in Africa. But is it an unintended consequence or a deliberate ploy to force the global community towards a new world order?
The impact of this crisis is not limited to Ukraine’s terrain but extends to its farmers who endure the constant peril of working amidst a war. It’s no longer the sporadic missile sirens that worry them, but the worrisome silence that follows – a telltale sign of something more catastrophic. Nadja, who runs a 4,000-hectare farming business, faces not just an existential threat to her life but also the heart-wrenching possibility of her grains rotting in silos while millions go hungry. Will this situation create new alliances in the Global South, or will it lead to a catastrophic famine?

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David B