First Kill

Sep 18, 2023 | Military/War, Social, Videos

FIRST KILL explores the psychological effects of war, examining how it shapes the human mind and soul. This thought-provoking documentary features interviews with Vietnam veterans, including Michael Herr, the former war correspondent who wrote Dispatches – arguably the most important book about combat soldiers in the Vietnam War. Through hearing their stories, audiences gain fresh insight into the complex emotions that come from killing – fear, hate, seduction and pleasure.

Eddie Adams, a renowned photographer in his own right, provides a telling example of wartime desensitization when he details taking a photograph of a Vietnamese general shooting a Vietcong soldier in the head before heading out for lunch. On the other hand, Billy Heflin – another veteran – speaks about how he developed an addiction to killing despite his aversion to war. He shares his longing for his wartime experiences.

A powerful examination of what happens to people during battle conditions, FIRST KILL is both informative and emotionally engaging. It presents an important reminder that there are deeper consequences to war than physical suffering; it also causes devastating psychological impact that can last far beyond its duration. With its tasteful yet captivating storytelling style, FIRST KILL is essential viewing for anyone interested in questions related to war and humanity’s capacity for monstrous acts.

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David B