Faith Healing

by Jul 24, 2022Religion, Videos

This documentary is concerned with faith healing. The man behind the making of this film is Derren Brown. He is born on February 27th 1971 in Purley, London. Known for being a trickster, illusionist, writer and a painter, he also performs on television and is probably best known for his extraordinary mind-reading act.

As far as the faith healing is concerned, it is a form of healing which is performed by spiritual means, as opposed to the scientific approach. The method is basically based on a prayer in which a divine intervention is called upon an ill person in order for that person to be healed.

In this documentary, Brown shall attempt to uncover the truth behind this form of healing, and point out the greed and deceit involved in this story. His experiment is conducted in Texas, where Brown shall try to present an ordinary man as a faith healer able to summon a divine intervention.

Discover how people will react in this elaborate hoax. Is there such a thing as a divine intervention? Watch this incredible documentary and find out the answer to this question.

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