Explaining Adolf Hitler and How the End Began

Many people have tried over the years to understand Adolf Hitler, analyze every move he made, every decision, every action he took. But understanding such a complex mind is a difficult task, and one that requires tons and tons of research.

The documentary “Explaining Adolf Hitler and How the End Began” might not help you fully understand Hitler, that is impossible. However, it might get your understanding of one of the most mythical figures of the 20st century closer to the truth.

Hitler is definitely someone worth learning about, so we, as society, don’t repeat the mistakes that happened. The Fuhrer is one of the most responsible, if not the main suspect for the World War II, a War that nearly whipped half of the world’s population at the time.

The history documentary takes you through the early years of Hitler and his rise, from 1933, up to the very end in 1945. Understanding what happened during his dictatorship, how he transformed Germany into a totalitarian state, and how he controlled every aspect of people’s life.

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