Essential Journalists: How Coronavirus Changed TV News

Aug 17, 2023 | People, Videos

Marcus Harun is a journalist, and he has worked in ten newsrooms, gaining valuable experience. Currently, he’s an MSNBC news producer in New York and produces interviews with influential personalities such as congressional leaders and presidential candidates. He’s also responsible for writing breaking news scripts for every MSNBC anchor, including names like Brian Williams, Craig Melvin, Andrea Mitchell, and Alicia Menendez. Before working in New York, he spent five years in local news, working his way up to become Executive Producer of FOX Connecticut’s 7-hour morning show. With his visionary leadership, he led a team of 25 reporters, anchors, and producers while growing ratings by an impressive 200% in just one year.
The world has witnessed unprecedented times in the last few months. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people worldwide, changing the way in which we live our lives and communicate. However, amidst all the chaos, some stories continue to bring hope. Enter “Social Distancing,” a documentary that highlights the struggles and sacrifices of reporters who tirelessly bring us information during the pandemic.
In “Social Distancing,” Marcus Harun remotely interviews dozens of journalists from across the country about how the coronavirus impacted their jobs. Wearing masks and armed with 6-foot microphone poles, mask-clad reporters film interviews through windows to tell the stories of their communities. They worry about what illness they may bring back to their families, but their desire to deliver the news compels them to brave the danger zone.

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