Dr. Sue Morter – We Are Designed To Be Self-Healing

Jun 26, 2023 | Health, Videos

Dr. Sue Morter, a renowned healer and inspirational speaker, has uncovered some amazing truths about our ability to heal ourselves. At the Hay House HEAL Summit, she shared her findings on how we are all designed with an inbuilt system to self-heal.

Through her research, Dr. Morter has discovered that when we understand the body’s energetic systems and pay attention to signals of discomfort and pain, we can work with our own healing power to restore balance and health. These energetic systems have been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine and spiritual practices as they guide us back to wholeness and well-being.

At the summit, Dr. Morter suggests that embracing this concept of self-healing is key to living a healthier life – both emotionally and physically – as it encourages us to take action towards restoring balance within our bodies. To further demonstrate her findings, Dr. Morter details how energy medicine works in practice and shares powerful stories of people who have found relief from physical illnesses through using these techniques.

If you would like to learn more about self-healing and gain insight from Dr. Sue Morter’s inspiring words, then be sure to watch the documentary from the Hay House HEAL Summit. It provides an incredible opportunity to explore ways of unlocking your innate healing abilities – helping you live a healthier life mentally and physically!

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David B