Dr. Nalini Chilkov – Transformational Tools & Tips to Beat Cancer

Sep 1, 2023 | Health, Videos

Dr. Nalini Chilkov is a pioneer in the world of integrative medicine and a renowned authority on how to outsmart cancer and create a body in which cancer cannot thrive. As the founder of IntegrativeCancerAnswers.com and the author of the bestselling book, 32 Ways to Outsmart Cancer: How to Create a Body in Which Cancer Cannot Thrive, Dr. Nalini is a true expert in the field.
Her Outsmart Cancer programs are recognized as the most comprehensive, science-based, safe, and natural programs for supporting cancer patients, cancer survivors, and even those who want to avoid the dreaded disease. And in a world where one in two people in the United States will be diagnosed with some type of cancer at some point in their lifetime, the need for this kind of approach has never been greater.
That’s why we are excited to announce that Dr. Nalini will be the subject of an upcoming documentary entitled “Outsmarting Cancer: The Nalini Chilkov Story.” In this incredibly informative episode of The HEAL Podcast, Kelly sits down with Dr. Nalini to talk about how we can change our inner terrain so that we create a body in which cancer cannot thrive.
From the environment around us, our mental outlook, the foods we eat, to the people we surround ourselves with, Dr. Nalini delves into how everything impacts the role cancer does or does not play in our life. She explains how she takes her patients from being ill to being healthy, including her recommended supplements and superfoods that help prevent and starve cancer.

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