Dr. Mark Hyman -The Truth About Gluten In Europe Versus Gluten In The USA

Sep 30, 2023 | Health, Videos

Dr. Mark Hyman, a renowned family physician, is a well-respected leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in the field of Functional Medicine. As a 14-time New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Hyman has devoted his life to helping people achieve optimal health by addressing the root causes of chronic disease through the power of functional medicine.
Dr. Hyman is on a mission to change the way people think about their diet and lifestyle choices. He believes that our diet is our biggest risk factor for disease, disability, and death, with the western diet being among the most harmful to our health. In his latest book, The Pegan Diet, Dr. Hyman delves deep into the healing powers of food and encourages readers to see their local grocery store as a FARMACY.
During his latest documentary, Dr. Hyman sits down to discuss the intricate details of The Pegan Diet, exploring how food is the key to healing or harming our bodies. In the documentary, he breaks down the issues with dairy, wheat, and meat, and delves into many of the common misconceptions surrounding food as a whole.

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