Dr. Jeffrey Rediger – The Truth About Spontaneous Remission

Sep 27, 2023 | Health, Videos

Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, a Harvard trained psychiatrist with a Masters in Divinity from Princeton, has been researching the topic of spontaneous healing for the past two decades. In his book, Cured: The Science of Spontaneous Healing, he explores many different types of supposedly incurable diseases through the lens of science and skepticism, documenting the radical remissions he has observed.
Kelly sits down with the passionate, intelligent, and loving Dr. Rediger to discuss his work, exploring the limits of the medical establishment, the shortcomings of medical education, and the hope that comes from the possibilities of spontaneous healing. Dr. Rediger emphasizes the importance of shedding one’s false self in order to undergo transformation, and speaks of his own gradual evolution, representing a paradigm shift in the field of health and medicine for future generations.
Dr. Rediger’s book, Cured, is available anywhere books are sold, and his work is also featured in the documentary of the same name. This film delves even deeper into the groundbreaking research he has conducted over the years, offering a unique and informative look at the topic of spontaneous healing. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn more about the ways we can transform our lives and our health, and be sure to catch the documentary Cured today!

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