Dr. David Hamilton – The Physics of Healing

by May 13, 2023Health, People, Videos

In the acclaimed documentary HEAL, Dr. David Hamilton, an organic chemist and author, looks into the physics of healing and delves into what it means to shift our thinking from permanence to healing.

He emphasizes that even though at times things may appear permanent, healing is always possible. The documentary takes a deep dive into how people can heal themselves both mentally and physically by looking at various fields such as quantum physics, immunology and epigenetics. From this research we learn how applying science-based techniques can provide us insight into our own health in order to help us heal or prevent any illness or injury from occurring in the first place.

Dr. Hamilton also brings in experts from around the world to explain how their methods have made a big impact on their life and the lives of others who have been able to benefit from their teachings. Their stories are inspiring and enlightening as they show how people can form an alliance with nature in order to achieve optimal health and longevity.

The film offers an optimistic outlook on life that is sure to inspire anyone who watches it. It provides us with invaluable tools for self-healing while giving us access to groundbreaking information about our bodies as well as ways we can take control of our own health journeys. Watching HEAL will help you understand how simple changes can lead to radical transformations in your life .

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