Dr. David Hamilton – Love Really Does Heal

Love is an emotion that has been studied, praised and celebrated for centuries, but did you know it also has a powerful healing effect? In the documentary HEAL, viewers are presented with compelling evidence from renowned scientist David Hamilton PhD on how love can be used to heal physical and emotional ailments.

Throughout his research, Dr. Hamilton discovered that our mind and body respond positively to acts of love and kindness. He found that positive emotions like love stimulate the release of hormones in our body which promote healing. He notes that when we feel loved, our cells become open to healing because they’re feeling safe and secure. Additionally, he states that when we show other people kindness or compassion the same thing happens in their bodies as well.

The healing power of love is something everyone needs to see for ourselves. So make sure to check out this amazing documentary and be prepared to be inspired by its life-changing message! With so much evidence presented in the film about the infinite power of love, it’s clear why this documentary should not be missed!

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