Deadliest Roads | Peru – Andes

Aug 18, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

The Peruvian Andes, an intimidating mountain range that stands tall as the centerpiece of this South American country and one of the most dangerous routes that drivers take on a weekly basis to deliver food and goods. Despite Incan gods warning people against the dangers that lay there, Peruvian drivers continue to traverse this deadly range.
Juan Carlos, one of the many drivers, must drive for over two days to cover the 350km distance to deliver food to the residents of Yungay. The journey is treacherous; mountain passes can reach up to 5000m, flat tires have to be fixed on the spot, and drivers must navigate narrow roads with utmost care. Any error could be fatal, and it’s not uncommon for drivers to plunge into ravines.
While the mountains are a significant challenge for travelers in Peru, they’re not the only obstacles they face. In the northern part of the country lies the remote city of Iquitos, which can only be reached by plane or boat. All of Iquitos’s supplies come from Yurimagos, a port down the Amazon river, which can take up to three days to reach. However, during droughts, the channel narrows and becomes difficult to locate, putting the crew and passengers at risk.
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