Deadliest Roads | Colombia: Explorers of the Andes

Sep 23, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

The above text provides a glimpse into the rugged yet beautiful terrain of Colombia and the grit of its people. But to fully appreciate the incredible journeys that these locals undertake, one must watch the documentary that chronicles their daily struggles. The documentary showcases the challenges faced by Carlos, who travels hundreds of miles across the vast tropical plains of Llanos to deliver the gas that powers the communications center of a forgotten town.

In the Andes, locals have learned to live in the shadow of guerrilla warfare. To travel from one mountain to another, the quickest way is often to take to the air by hanging from cables that are over 100 meters long. Against all odds, these locals overcome their fears, and how they do this is a sight to behold. Setting out on chaotic tracks, the Colombians face the challenges and difficulties with resilience and a smile, like true cowboys of the road. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this documentary and be inspired by the unwavering spirit and innovative solutions that these local people bring to the table.

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David B