Coal is dividing Greece

Sep 16, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

This is a gripping and hard-hitting documentary that paints a stark picture of how a once-thriving coal industry in Northern Greece has left a trail of despair and illness among the people who live there. Four old, coal-fired power plants continue to devastate the landscape, while open-cast mines have spread, causing a bitter divide among the country’s population.
As viewers are introduced to the heartbreaking stories of the people affected by this industry, they will meet Nikos Voriatzidis, a desperate father of three who can no longer see a way out, and Apostolis Kallianidis, a third-generation miner who faces an uncertain future without the power plant keeping his village alive. With its powerful storytelling and insightful interviews, this documentary offers an unflinching look at the devastating impact of coal mining and power plants, and challenges viewers to consider the long-term consequences of our reliance on this dangerous fuel.

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David B