Cancer Survivor Stacy Solodkin – Overcoming Ovarian Cancer with an Integrative Approach

Sep 3, 2023 | Health, People, Videos

Kelly Noonan’s HEAL Podcast featured an episode that chronicled Stacy Solodkin’s journey of cancer survival. Although her story is embedded with heartaches and unimaginable challenges, it also portrays the inner resilience and profound strength of the human spirit.
The episode shares a glimpse into Stacy’s battle with stage 3c ovarian cancer that followed the loss of both her parents to cancer. Her story reveals the wonders of alternative medicine and highlights how combining an eastern and western approach can amplify the healing process.
Stacy gave her trust to Dr. Nalini Chilkov, an integrative cancer specialist who helped her combine a range of healing methods. By tweaking her diet, detoxing her environment, using the right supplements, finding ways to manage her stress, Stacy created an environment where cancer could not flourish.
The podcast further explains how this approach helped her alter her body’s internal terrain—making her a thriving force in the challenging fight against cancer. It is a testament to the power of holistic treatment methods that emphasize the importance of lifestyle changes when combating chronic diseases.

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