Are you a psychopath?

Aug 22, 2023 | Crime, People, Videos

Heinous serial killers lurk in the shadows as Hollywood has portrayed for long. However, the truth is much more chilling. Psychopaths walk among us, living a regular life, and you could be their next victim. The identification of these individuals is still a mystery for most. However, recent studies have shed light on distinguishing between harmless and dangerous psychopaths.
A new documentary takes an in-depth look into the complex personality disorder of psychopathy, its causes, and how one can protect themselves. The film explores a mix of firsthand accounts of victims, criminologists, and American Neuroscientist, James Fallon’s brain scans on criminals. Documentary takes a deep dive to learn more about “successful” psychopaths, people who have not committed any crimes and live a regular life just like you and I.

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David B