All God’s Children

  • Published 6 years ago
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Through the eyes of three families, the children of God tells the personal story of the first boarding school for children of missionaries to be investigated for abuses at the hands of the colleagues of missionary parents. The survivors and parents share their journey of seeking justice, redemption and healing.

Families Beardslee, Darr and left Shellrude North American West Africa during the 1950s. They followed what he believes is God’s call – to spread Christianity throughout the world.

However, their children – from age 6 – were forced to attend boarding school in Mamou, Guinea, in charge of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Separated from their families for 9 months per year and no reliable means of communication, child victims of abuse in silence, emotional, spiritual, physical and / or sexual abuse at the hands of officials of all missionaries.

It took decades for children to recognize the effects of the abuse had on their lives. When I finally dared to break the silence and speaking, the Church denied all allegations and refused to help.

But through years of persistent advocacy to survivors and their parents finally forced the Christian and Missionary Alliance, to carry out an investigation and recognize abuse. The healing can begin.

Research Mamou Alliance Academy was the first of its kind, but has since inspired research in other schools of different denominations.

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