Alberto Villoldo – Upgrading Your Field To Prevent Illness

Sep 21, 2023 | Health, Videos

Alberto Villoldo, a renowned researcher and author on the subject of human health, recently delved into the question of how to heal and prevent illness at the Hay House HEAL Summit. In this thought-provoking presentation, he shared valuable insights about how we can take control of our own health destiny.

Villoldo began by discussing the importance of understanding the root cause of disease in order to be able to treat it. He pointed out that many times our bodies are trying to tell us something through symptoms, but we simply don’t recognize or understand it. We must learn how to listen and respond appropriately. According to him, this involves listening to what our body is telling us and then making changes in our lifestyle that are tailored to meet its needs.

The main focus was on two broad topics: prevention and healing. Preventing diseases requires making healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, managing stress levels and engaging in activities that bring joy and satisfaction. Healing includes learning how to manage energy medicine techniques such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine or shamanism; implementing lifestyle changes such as meditation practices; using visualization techniques; clearing emotional blockages; self-healing rituals; and understanding the principles of natural law for greater health awareness.

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David B