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The term is derived from the Greek ‘techne’ meaning art, skill, cunning of hand and the suffix ‘logia’ meaning ‘the study of’. By definition it is the collection of tools, including machinery, modifications, arrangements and procedures used by humans.

Different technologies significantly affect human as well as other animal species' ability to control and adapt to their natural environments. The term itself can either be applied generally or to specific areas such as construction technology, medical technology and information technology.

There is an ongoing philosophical debate over the influence of technology on mankind. Movements such as Neo-Luddism and Anarcho-Primitivism argue that it harms the environment and alienates people, while ideologies such as transhumanism and techno-progressivism consider technology to be beneficial to society and the human condition.

Throughout history technology has constantly evolved, beginning with the basic stone tools, mastering the fire, to the metal tools, energy and transport, and finally to the present day and the astonishing achievements in every technological aspect.

The use of primitive technology is recorded in some animal species as well. These include primates such as chimpanzees, dolphins and crows. The gorilla males, for example, use a branch as a walking stick in order to safely get across a river. A West African chimpanzee uses stone hammers for cracking nuts.

The documentaries and video materials compiled in this category are concerned with the technological advancement throughout the history.

The ever burning question of are we alone in the universe might already have an answer that is deliberately being hidden from the majority of the population. See the leaked U.S. government documents and bare witness the gravity of the implications that they have. Discover the truth about the light bulb conspiracy and see if the everyday products that you use have an intentionally shortened life span.

Explore the origin of life itself and learn what you can do to prevent the ongoing transformation of Earth from a place we call home to an inhabitable planet. Certain scientists predict that in the matter of ten years natural resources will be utterly spent and the climate drastically changed.

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The Channel Tunnel – A Modern Engineering Wonder of the World

It officially opened on May 6, 1994. But it was a centuries-long idea. The engineering feat is an impressive piece of infrastructure. Over the years, more than 13,000 workers were hired to finish off ...

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  • 5 months ago
Who Was Ada Lovelace – The First Computer Programmer

Ada Lovelace wrote the first published computer program while working for her mentor, the father of the computer, Charles Babbage

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  • 11 months ago
What is Left of the Antonov An-225 Mriya?

The Antonov An-225 Mriya was a strategic airlift cargo aircraft. Designed in the 1980s by the Antonov Design Bureau in the Soviet Onion, it was originally developed as an enlargement of the Antonov AN...

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  • 11 months ago
Quantum Stealth – Is Invisibility Possible?

Quantum Stealth, or often cited as the Invisibility Cloak, is a material developed by Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. While it is not actually making you invisible, it gives the illusion of invisibi...

  • 1,522
  • 1 year ago
Ever Ace – World’s Largest Container Ship

Ever Ace is the largest container ship in the world. The capacity reached 23,992TEU, surpassing HMM Algeciras (23,964TEU) which was delivered to the Korean operator HMM in 2020, and once again breakin...

  • 3,432
  • 1 year ago
The Millau Viaduct - World's Tallest Bridge and Engineering Marvel

Designer Lord Norman Foster designed the bridge from the idea of French engineer Michel Virlogeux. It was specifically made to fit the impressive natural beauty of the area with a “delicacy of a but...

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  • 1 year ago
Three Gorges Dam – One of the Most Impressive and Controversial Engineering Marvels

When construction began in 1994, the project was the largest engineering project in China. By the time it was finished in 2006, it was the world’s largest dam structure

  • 1,018
  • 1 year ago
Langeled Pipeline – Modern Engineering Achievements

For this engineering marvel, constructors had to navigate insane obstacles, such as constructing a crossing in the depths of 980 feet and performing difficult underwater weldings to existing systems

  • 1,262
  • 1 year ago
NEOM The City of the Future

Saudi Arabia plans to build 100% fully automated mega city that completely change the framework of the Kingdom

  • 4,181
  • 1 year ago
The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge – One of the World’s Most Expensive Projects

Designed to last 120 years, the price of the project reached almost $19 billion to build. The initial cost of construction was estimated at $7.56 billion. Originally, the bridge was set to be opened t...

  • 2,602
  • 2 years ago
Aaron Swartz – The Internet’s Own Boy’s Legacy

Many people now know him as “The Internet’s Own Boy”. The documentary about Aaron follows his story from his beginning to his suicide and very end. Nowadays, his fingerprints are all over the i...

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  • 2 years ago
A few words about Artificial Intelligence: What is it?

Artificial intelligence is a way to enable computers to learn with the help of a teacher as well from their own experience. They can quickly adapt to the enormous volume of new parameters and perform ...

  • 9,252
  • 2 years ago
Going through the Longest Tunnel in the World

With a length of 53.8km, Seikan connects the islands Honshu and Hokkaido

  • 2,618
  • 2 years ago
Where is the Internet of Things Headed in 2020?

IoT is changing the landscape of devices in the global industry and consumers. In the past few years, everything is about smart technology. We have just scratched the surface of the technology. More a...

  • 2,581
  • 2 years ago
Space Based Solar Power – How Soon is the Future?

This idea has been around since the early 1970s. But the early ideas were not economically viable. The present day launch infrastructure is much more advanced

  • 2,712
  • 3 years ago
How Long Before Ultracapacitors Overtake Batteries?

Batteries need time to charge and discharge energy. Think of it as the time it takes for a dam to fill with rain during the rain, and then slowly drain. On the other hand, ultracapacitors, can store c...

  • 2,531
  • 3 years ago
The Future Is Now: German Start-up Tests Solar Powered Vehicle

Sion is a prototype vehicle made by the German company Sono Motors. It is set to be released in 2019. The vehicle has solar cells integrated with its body parts, a total of 330 cells. The vehicle wil...

  • 4,365
  • 4 years ago
What is blockchain? The Technology Explained

What you need to understand is that bitcoin is a currency, a digital version of an asset, much like gold. Blockchain is the technology that underpins bitcoin. Without blockchain, there would be no bit...

  • 8,609
  • 5 years ago
Starlite – What happened to the material that could have changed the world?

Starlite was fire-retardant, and could have been used as a thermal barrier or heat-resistant coating

  • 30,603
  • 6 years ago
Eights Ways IBM Watson makes life Easier

The Watson has come a long way since the win in Jeopardy in 2011.

  • 6,408
  • 6 years ago
Self-Driving Cars - When we will have them?

The reality is that self-driving cars no longer a futuristic idea. Big companies like to say “the future is now” and “the future is here”, and in this case, they might be right

  • 15,881
  • 6 years ago
7 Inventions that Changed the World we Live in

It is hard to imagine nowadays, but some inventions didn’t come until the 18th and 19th century

  • 18,614
  • 7 years ago
Kaspersky - The antivirus mathematician

It all started in 1989, when his personal computer was under the attack of the popular Cascade virus

  • 5,106
  • 7 years ago
Nikola Tesla was Ahead of His time - Here are some of his

Many of the modern-day devices would still be just a dream if it wasn’t for Tesla. Many think of Tesla only as the founder of electricity, but he did much more than that. Not all of his futuristic v...

  • 8,565
  • 7 years ago
Can Sahara power Europe? Tunisia's plan for Gigantic Solar Farm might make it possible

The plan by Nur Power suggests that the company harness the solar energy from Sahara. The plan is to build a solar farm in Tunisia that will grow up to 100 square kilometers by 2018. By placing thousa...

  • 7,256
  • 7 years ago
Can Facebook become Brainbook? Mark Zuckerberg's vision explained

Asked about the future of the social network, the CEO replied “One day, I believe we'll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology. You'll just be able to think of so...

  • 4,269
  • 7 years ago
NASA Have Discovered An Earth Like Planet That Could Harbour Extra-Terrestrial Life

NASA has announced the exciting discovery of Kepler 452b, an Earth like planet where extra-terrestrial life potentially exists.

  • 6,276
  • 7 years ago
NASA have just released this fascinating video showing close up images of Pluto!

Ever wondered what the surface of Pluto actually looks like? This video will give you an intriguing glimpse.

  • 3,681
  • 7 years ago
The Oculus Rift: Future of Gaming

Whole different experience of gaming

  • 4,700
  • 8 years ago
How to Watch Films on Your Computer

Great locations where movies can be watched

  • 4,886
  • 8 years ago
The History of Documentary Film Making

First documentary filmmaking projects through history

  • 17,498
  • 8 years ago
History of Film Making

Steps to film production over the years

  • 5,684
  • 8 years ago
Advancements of Cinematics

Development of the motion picture through history

  • 5,509
  • 8 years ago
A Personal Review of Earth Documentary

Earth to the big screen

  • 4,620
  • 8 years ago
A Personal Review of An Inconvenient Truth Documentary

‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is a film which cannot be ignored.

  • 9,562
  • 8 years ago
Amateur Documentary Film Making Tips

Learn how to create your own documentary

  • 13,821
  • 8 years ago
How to Promote Your Documentary Film on the Internet

Making , promoting and earning money with your documentary

  • 10,604
  • 8 years ago
Making Your First Documentary Film: The Ultimate Guide

Guiding you throught the creation of your own documentary

  • 5,423
  • 8 years ago
Best places to watch documentaries online

Right here on DocumentaryTube of course!

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  • 8 years ago
Best Catch up TV on Demand Services

Where to look?

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  • 8 years ago