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Ancient Ink – Blood and Tattoos
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"Starting in New Zealand, Craig Reynolds explores the tattooing culture around the globe. He kicks off with the Maori and the artists who maintain the ancient tattooing tradition. ...

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Challenge the Obvious
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"This is a social experiment and experience documentary starting in the poor favella’s of Rio, Brazil but moving from there to the poorest areas of Philadelphia. Haas and Hahn a...

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The Mystery of Picasso
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"The Mystery of Picasso is a 1956 film, made by Henri-Georges Clouzot.It aims to unravel Picasso’s process of painting and of artistic production of metaphysical meta-projects in...

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Half Past Autumn: The Life and Work of Gordon Parks
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Gordon Parks is seen as one of the most prolific & diverse artists in America. A well known photographer, poet, writer, composer and filmmaker, Parks’s artistic vision knows is e...

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INK’DLINGS: A Printumentary
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This short documentary looks at the somewhat unknown fine artistry of printmaking featuring respectable well-known Chicago artists demonstrating the various techniques such as reli...

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