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irish dance championship
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Riverdance, the theatrical show that consists mostly of traditional Irish music and dance is the face of Irish music and culture.But Riverdance is also a way of life for some people. There are t...

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bethany hamilton
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You know Bethany Hamilton as the woman who was bitten by shark, lost an arm, and then returned to professional surfing. In 2004 she published a book, an autobiography titled “Soul Surfer: A Tr...

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Performing Arts
The Spelling Competition
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This documentary was directed by Jeffrey Blitz in 2002. The film revolves around the Scripps National Spelling Bee held in 1999 where eight competitors are battling for the prize. It was nominated f...

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Gearing Up
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Gearing Up is a story about 4 teams of high school students who participated in a Robotics competition. The drama and the nervous excitement that builds up as the Robotics national Competition nears i...

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Pumping Iron
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This documentary helps viewers get up, close and personal with Arnold Schwarzenegger.This film was shot when he was training for his sixth victory in the Mr. Olympia contest after winning the title fi...

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Pinfall: A Professional Wrestling Documentary
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Join Adam Pacitti as he ventures into the unpredictable subculture of professional wrestling. With just one month to train, the crew follow Adam’s entire journey, meeting his family, who are less th...

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Heart of Stone
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It’s no secret that the Southeastern US has some of the best rock climbing in the country. Grassroots organizations like the Southeastern Climbers Coalition and the Carolina Clim...

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Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine
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This intriguing documentary showcases the events around the much celebrated Chess match between Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess player who has ever lived and Deep Blue, IBM’s ...

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