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The House of Rothschild
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The Rothschild Family - Puppet Masters - World's Only Trillionaires"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." "We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it...

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The Fastest Changing Place On Earth
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The story of modern China told through the eyes of the villagers forced to sell their homes and give up their land to make way for massive urban development. Naturally they are outraged and fearful. S...

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Bill Gates - How a geek changed the world
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The Money Programme's Fiona Bruce gains exclusive access to Bill Gates as he prepares to step down from full-time involvement with Microsoft, the company he helped found. Gates's company has changed t...

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The Fall of Lehman Brothers
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On September 15th, 2008 one of the oldest and largest investment firms in the US folded. The collapse of Lehman Brothers signified how large the economic collapse of 2008 truly was. This documentary g...

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Total Denial: Film by Milena Kaneva
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Burma, the country of the Golden Pagodas, strangled by a military junta.A pipeline built by two oil companies, TOTAL and UNOCAL. Slave labor, rape and murder are the results of the joint venture with ...

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The Rockefellers
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For decades, the Rockefeller name was despised in the United States associated with the monopoly of John D. Rockefeller Sr. ‘s feared, the Standard Oil.At the end of his life, Rockefeller had given ...

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Farmageddon tells the story of small family farms which have been forced to stop their business because of the greater farms which use animal slaugher as their main source of succe...

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Born Rich Documentary
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Slightly bland and a little boring, this documentary is nonetheless an interesting look into the lives and attitudes of the children of some of the richest people in the world.This...

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This Is The Last Dam Run of Likker I’m Ever Gonna Make
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Popcorn Sutton’s last run of moonshine. Just before his death, the legendary Popcorn Sutton allowed a film crew to shoot his last run of moonshine so that people can see what a m...

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The New Rulers of the World
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‘The New Rulers of the World’ is a documentary film by John Pilger focusing on one such question which the mainstream media does not highlight – the true effects of Globaliza...

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  • 7 years ago
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The Corporation Documentary - Full Version
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This incredibly well put together documentary takes a refreshingly non biased approach to explaining exactly what a corporation is, how they came to be and how they are in general ...

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Solar Power Revolution – Here Comes the Sun
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Solar PV systems have now made a massive leap in the energy generation field. We have always been hunter gatherers but now it is more hunting for energy and fuel to produce this en...

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‘Big Brother, Big Business’ is a special report wherein CNBC takes a look at the companies behind the powerful business of personal information and the people whose lives are a...

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