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The origin of the contemporary term triumph is found in Latin “triumphus”. The first recorded use of the word was in the 14th century. The meaning of the term triumph is a feat of extraordinary success, victory or an accomplishment. It can be applied to various endeavors that resulted in an achievement or a goal fulfillment.

A personal triumph, as opposed to the collective or a team achievement, is a success or an accomplishment of an individual by their own merit.

When it comes to personal triumphs, it is important to point out that it is a highly individual matter. The emphasis is on the overcoming of certain issues that one might have or the level of commitment towards the realization of one`s goals. Depending on the category, these triumphs can be widely recognized and celebrated, such as the ones achieved by professional athletes and actors, while others can be on a very personal level, such as battling with an alcohol addiction or overcoming certain fears.

The documentaries and video materials compiled in this category are focusing on the success stories of different individuals and the path that lead them to their personal triumphs.

Follow the amazing story of Chris Dean, a young philosopher and observer, in a documentary filmed by Alan Spearman. From having a near death experience at the age of two to the formal introduction to the president Barack Obama at the age of eighteen, the incredible life of this young man is a perfect example of a success story despite the countless obstacles.

Discover the difficult road to recovery of a star athlete Chad Jones after a tragic car accident that disrupted his career and nearly cost him his life. This documentary shall give you a detailed insight into the painful process of rehabilitation and the unbreakable will of this extraordinary man.

Witness the story of the persistence of the homeless people living in the subterranean tunnels in New York. Directed by Marc Singer, this documentary brings us the stories of these people and their endurance despite being rejected by the society and living in the worst conditions possible.

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When This Homeless Man Played the Piano, His Life Was Transformed Forever!

Homeless ex U.S. Marine Donald Gould touched the lives of millions after this video went viral.

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