Holistic psychiatrist and author Dr. Kelly Brogan is inspiring viewers of all kinds with her appearance in the groundbreaking documentary, HEAL. This thought-provoking documentary asks audiences to consider the power of natural healing, and Dr. Brogan’s words are especially powerful.

In her brief clip from HEAL, Dr. Brogan recounts how she put down her prescription pad in exchange for a more holistic approach to healing. This action speaks volumes about the importance of considering alternative healing modalities that have been highlighted by this documentary. Through interviews and firsthand accounts, viewers can appreciate the transformative and restorative effects that come along with pursuing natural remedies over pharmaceuticals.

If you’re looking for an inspiring story that will leave you questioning traditional healthcare practices, look no further than HEAL Documentary and its special feature of Dr. Kelly Brogan’s experience with alternative medicine. Without a doubt, this film will challenge you to think outside of the box when it comes to your health, giving you an opportunity to make real change in your life through natural healing methods. So don’t miss out – tune into HEAL Documentary now!