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Media is a plural form of the word medium. The contemporary meaning of the term is that it is the means of communication with the intention of reaching a large number of people, e.g. television, radio and printed media.

The importance of conveying a certain message to a vast number of people and in order to do it with a necessary efficiency, media has developed into various branches. Some of these branches are advertising, print and published media, multimedia, electronic, digital and, probably the most important, the news media.

Other terms that include the word media are individual branches of science including media ecology, meshing and psychology.

The documentaries and video materials compiled in this category are the best example how the media is used in educational purposes. With the development of the technology, media coverage has expanded greatly and not just in a sense of coverage but also in the accessibility of different information that would, otherwise, be extremely difficult to obtain. The ongoing technological advancement is, eventually, render obsolete the printed media, making it just a remnant of the past century.

Now let us focus on the content of this particular group.

Is it possible to extend our life expectancy by meticulously monitoring our eating and sleeping pattern along with our daily routines? Find out the answer to this question and see how the Monitor Me smart phone application works.

Have a chance to look closely into the budget production horror movies, especially those produced and emitted around Halloween. What is the secret of the tremendous success of these movies and the incredible amount of money that they make?

Witness the return to Riyadh of the BBC`s Frank Gardner, after being shot by Al Qaeda and left dependent upon a wheelchair. Follow his journey across Saudi Arabia and learn about the Arab Spring revolution.

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Remembering Nellie Bly – The pioneer of Investigative Journalism

Nellie laid the groundwork of investigative journalism when worked undercover as a patient in a mental institution

  • 5,005
  • 5 years ago
30 Years later, this Creepy TV Add is still a Mystery

Right up until 9:14 PM on November 22, 1987, what appeared on Chicago’s television sets was normal: entertainment, news, and game shows. Dan Roan, the popular local sportscaster was narrating highli...

  • 6,265
  • 5 years ago
Fun Television History Facts You Need to Know

John Bogie Baird is widely regarded as the brain behind the television. He is credited as the inventor of television. There were other pioneers in the field, like Paul Nipkow, Boris Rosing, Philio Far...

  • 8,267
  • 5 years ago
Christ the Redeemer Quick Facts

Christ the Redeemer is 98ft tall, and that is without the 26ft pedestal. The arms of Christ stretch for 92ft wide. The statue weighs 635 metric tons. Located at the peak of 2,300ft Corcovado Mountain,...

  • 14,350
  • 5 years ago
Champs-Elysees Quick Facts

The avenue is crowded with cafes, shops, cinemas, and everything in between enriched with scenic horse chestnut trees. And beyond that beauty, lies an even bigger mystery and appreciation of the avenue

  • 18,451
  • 6 years ago
Civil Rights History: Six women you need to know of

Martin Luther King Jr. might be the first synonym for civil rights, but there were some extraordinary women in the movement as well

  • 6,834
  • 6 years ago
Huaxi – Secrets of the Richest Village in China

From the outside, Huaxi is dubbed as a socialist village. But on the inside, it is actually a capitalist corporation, managed by Wu and his sons, and with 2,000 shareholders that live comfortably off...

  • 19,585
  • 6 years ago
Eights Ways IBM Watson makes life Easier

The Watson has come a long way since the win in Jeopardy in 2011.

  • 6,408
  • 6 years ago
Top 7 strangely unique things that sank with Titanic

Out of the 2,224 passengers and crew aboard at the ship, more than 1,500 lost their lives. That makes the sinking of the Titanic one of the deadliest disasters in modern history

  • 43,034
  • 6 years ago
Through the lens of Steve Schapiro - A look back at some iconic celebrity moments

In Schapiro’s words, he was fascinated by the “magic of photography in the dark room”. He was fascinated by the process, how a picture comes to life, and all it takes is dipping the picture in ...

  • 6,344
  • 6 years ago
Understanding Modal Logic

In simplest terms, modal logic is just an extension of the pure logic, allowing people to use modal operators that can express modality like possibility and necessity

  • 4,739
  • 6 years ago
Museum of Jurassic Technology - Los Angeles's Strangest Museum

Offering splendid, puzzling and unique treasures, the museum is a carnival of delights and ideas

  • 7,049
  • 6 years ago
Gonzo Journalism - How Journalism is affected today?

Two aspects are key in Gonzo journalism. The two postulates are “becoming part of the story” and “exposing the truth by lying”. Gonzo made not telling the truth an acceptable norm in journalis...

  • 10,583
  • 6 years ago
Sylvia Plath Effect - All the Victims

The famous writer committed suicide after years of battling depression. In her book "The Bell Jar" she sums up the condition and how she felt

  • 9,442
  • 6 years ago
The Man Who Lives Without Money

Do you ever wonder what life may be like if you were to give up all of your materialistic goods and live without money? That is exactly what Mark Boyle has done, and he is in no hurry to go back to th...

  • 8,847
  • 7 years ago
When This Homeless Man Played the Piano, His Life Was Transformed Forever!

Homeless ex U.S. Marine Donald Gould touched the lives of millions after this video went viral.

  • 5,669
  • 7 years ago
Chaos Takes Over London As 24 Hour Tube Strike Leaves Thousands of Commuters Stranded

Scenes from the chaotic streets of London this morning amid the 24 hour tube strike

  • 3,985
  • 7 years ago
This Saudi Prince Is Giving Away His Entire $32bn Fortune To Charity!

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has decided to put his fortune to good use.

  • 7,778
  • 7 years ago
Shooting In Charleston Church South Carolina - 9 Dead

There has been a shooting yesterday evening at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, killing 9

  • 4,735
  • 7 years ago
10 Hidden characters in Disney Movies you didn't notice

Since 1937, Disney Studios have produced 54 full length feature movies. Through the animated movies, Walt Disney has introduced hundreds of characters, some minor, and some major. But what makes Walt ...

  • 22,294
  • 7 years ago

Good Or Bad?

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  • 8 years ago
Documentaries in 2015

Released and Upcoming

  • 5,350
  • 8 years ago
Are Books Becoming Obsolete?

Are books a thing of the past?

  • 6,435
  • 8 years ago
Educating Yourself Through Documentary Films

Films that have values beyond entertainment

  • 6,289
  • 8 years ago
Our Top 5 Documentaries from 2012

Five mindblowing documentaries

  • 7,947
  • 8 years ago
Top Documentary Film Makers of All Time

Top film makers of all time are known for their innovative approach to cinematics

  • 7,801
  • 8 years ago
Why Watch Documentary Films

Looking for documentary films to watch is to consider your interests

  • 13,862
  • 8 years ago
Documentaries That Changed The World

Some of the most compelling documentaries that have changed the world

  • 5,690
  • 8 years ago
What Makes a Good Documentary Film?

Finding the story, assembling the team, filming and editing

  • 92,433
  • 8 years ago
A Personal Review of March of the Penguins Documentary

A fabulous reality nature film

  • 7,374
  • 8 years ago
A Personal Review of Religulous Documentary

Bill Maher’s journey around the world, reasearching organized religion

  • 5,370
  • 8 years ago
The History of Sir David Attenborough

Life and achievemnts of Sir David Attenborough

  • 11,806
  • 8 years ago
An Introduction to David Attenborough’s ‘Life’ Series

A Natural History by David Attenborough

  • 5,798
  • 8 years ago
2011 Cannes Film Festival Review

Events form the Cannes 2011 Film Festival

  • 2,744
  • 8 years ago
How to Watch Films on Your Computer

Great locations where movies can be watched

  • 4,885
  • 8 years ago
Best Documentary DVD Set

Highest grossing documentary films on DVD

  • 3,243
  • 8 years ago
How Documentary Films Benefit the World

Powerful means of conveying social messages to the world

  • 54,819
  • 8 years ago
The History of Documentary Film Making

First documentary filmmaking projects through history

  • 17,498
  • 8 years ago
History of Film Making

Steps to film production over the years

  • 5,684
  • 8 years ago
Advancements of Cinematics

Development of the motion picture through history

  • 5,509
  • 8 years ago
A Personal Review of Earth Documentary

Earth to the big screen

  • 4,620
  • 8 years ago
A Personal Review of An Inconvenient Truth Documentary

‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is a film which cannot be ignored.

  • 9,562
  • 8 years ago
Documentary Film Festivals from around the Globe

Showing you where the best documentary film festivals are!

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  • 8 years ago
Amateur Documentary Film Making Tips

Learn how to create your own documentary

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  • 8 years ago
How to Promote Your Documentary Film on the Internet

Making , promoting and earning money with your documentary

  • 10,603
  • 8 years ago
Making Your First Documentary Film: The Ultimate Guide

Guiding you throught the creation of your own documentary

  • 5,423
  • 8 years ago