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This category contains mostly independent, documentaries and video materials that are concerned with the standalone enterprises, media, lifestyle and various other branches capable of operating as a self sustainable system.

The term indie, according to the dictionary, is an informal or short version or of the term independent. Other informal meanings include originality and thinking ahead of one`s time. This particular term is often used to emphasize the absence of affiliation with the established large scale apparatus of any given branch or enterprise such as art, design, film, literature. It can also refer to business, church and web.

Certain people may be referred to as indie and these individuals are often considered to be highly intelligent, witty and sometimes even snobby and awkward. When it comes to this type of people chances are that they are the advocates of change in order to make this world a better place.

As far as indie business is concerned, it is commonly in the hand of a single proprietor and a standalone type, as opposed to the large, public limited corporations with a number of stock holders.

Independent media encompasses all forms of media, such as radio, television, newspapers or the Internet. The defining characteristic is that such media is free from influence of the government and have no interest in any major corporation affiliation.

A good example of a non affiliated family business is the story of Baltazar Ushca, a glacier ice harvester, working on the Mount Chimborazao. He is the last member of his family that is still in the business.

See the complexity of a political system in a small town of Sagada in the Philippines. Discover the motifs behind the planning of a wedding during elections. Explanations are provided by the Richard Yodong, a deputy-major candidate.

Explore the vast spaces of the Californian desert and discover a wolf sanctuary that it harbors. The sanctuary is run by Tonya Littlewolf and it serves as the rehabilitation center for wolves that were rescued from the breeders. The condition of some of these animals demands immediate attention from Tonya.

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