Run From The Cure

Aug 24, 2023 | Health, Videos

Rick Simpson is a Canadian medical marijuana activist who has made incredible strides in the field of using cannabis to treat illness. In 1997, he suffered a serious head injury and began to explore the potential of using medicinal hemp oil to address his condition. After discovering that the oil – which contains high concentrations of THC – could successfully cure cancers and other maladies, Rick took it upon himself to share it with those in need, free of charge.

The results were remarkable; Rick reports alleviating or completely curing hundreds of people’s illnesses from across Canada. As word spread about his incredible, selfless work, a documentary film was created about his life and mission: “Run From The Cure” is an enthralling look into the life of a man determined to make the world better through marijuana-based medicine.

The film details how much effort Rick put forward to propel this cause forward, even in the face of opposition from health authorities and law enforcement. It also showcases how he endured personal struggles with law enforcement as well as threats from pharmaceutical companies who felt threatened by his work. Ultimately, it is a story about compassion and resilience, where one person can make an extraordinary difference for the greater good of humanity.

For anyone seeking a deeper understanding on why medical marijuana should be taken seriously as an option for treating certain medical conditions, Run From The Cure is an informative resource that will captivate viewers with its powerful story and message. We strongly encourage everyone interested in learning more about this topic to give this documentary their full attention – you won’t be disappointed!

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David B