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Warning: The possible side effects of browsing this category may include uncontrollable laughter, giggles and watery eyes; in some cases also a mild stomach muscle fatigue has been reported due to the laughter induced trauma. If you notice any of these side effects it is recommended that you take a few deep breaths and you may continue with the browsing.

It has been told that laughter is a cure. Even if that statement is inaccurate one can argue that no harm did ever come from it either. The cause of laughter is mostly recognized as the comedy. The term itself, by contemporary definition, is any discourse or work generally intended to be humorous or to amuse by inducing laughter. The roots of comedy, however, date back to the ancient Greece. Since its origin, comedy has evolved in various directions, from an academic form to the present day genres such as stand up or slapstick comedy.

In this category we have compiled for you countless hours of video materials with a single purpose of making you laugh and see the bright side of life. Discover what happens at the hilarious beard and mustache word championship, a bi-annual, established on the 1990. With an amazing seven seasons behind them, the ever skeptical duo Penn and Teller are back.

See what they have prepared for the viewers in the latest season of the longest running series on Show Time. If life did not play out the way you wanted and all of your TV inspired expectations failed miserably, than you should probably have a look at what Charlie Brooker has to say on the subject. Using a series of sketches, he explains to you how TV ruined your life. Have a chance to see how the humorous entertainment is viewed in Asian culture and discover the controversies revolving around it. Watch the documentary on these issues written and directed by Faiza Ahmad Khan in June 2012 and see the satirical way in which he addresses the issues at hand.

Enjoy these documentaries and video materials. Discover how the art of making people laugh is viewed across the world and how the very notion of comedy is being interpreted.

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