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A business, an enterprise or a firm, if you will, is an organized body, coherently working on achieving a certain goal or a cause with a certain gain, benefit or profit. This category contains documented stories on the different types of business, and also how certain people with business orientated minds developed and implemented their ideas and the impressive or devastating consequences of their actions.

At this point we shall provide a brief history of business. Its purpose is to study the history of business organizations, methods, government regulation, labor relations, and impact on society. It was founded by a Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration professor N. S. B. Gras in 1927. Other prominent figures in this field were Henrietta M. Larson and Alfred D. Chandler; both of them were also professors at the Harvard Business School.

Moving on to the present day, the world of business, both legal and illegal, has ever grown and evolved, causing the global rise and fall of the economy. The people are usually aware of the consequences but not entirely of the cause of these fluctuations. In order for you to be able to grasp this concept with ease and broaden your horizons, we have compiled a number of video materials and documentaries to present to you a number of ways in which business is being conducted across the world.

Some of the materials at your disposal provide a thorough analysis of the possibilities of restarting the global economy while giving the society new moral values, followed by the documentary from Deborah Shaffer and Stewart Bird, concerning the campaign whose single purpose was to eradicate every memory of the industrial era working class and their hardships.

Discover how the gruesome business of trafficking in sex slaves has developed in Odessa, Ukraine, and why this city is widely recognized as the centre of this ghastly enterprise.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a business college student or you just happen to have a very curious mind when it comes to business flows or opportunities, then this is the category that you shall find the most helpful.

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Jeanne Lanvin – Founder of the Oldest French Fashion House

Her calling card was her robe de style dress. This gown hung straight and narrow on the torso, but then ballooned out widely at the hips

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  • 2 years ago
Jesse Livermore – The Pioneer of Stock Trading

At the peak of his fortune, Jesse had a net worth of $100 million. That was back in 1929. In today’s money, that would be between $10 and $15 billion

  • 4,047
  • 2 years ago
Karoshi – Death by Overworking

The term first appeared in the early 1970s. The origin of the term can be found in the word “kacho-byo”, which translates to “bosses-disease”T

  • 4,449
  • 3 years ago
How Rich You Need to Be to Be Considered Wealthy?

According to a poll, Americans say you need an annual income of about $100,000 to be considered rich. In the poll, Americans said that if you earn $90,000 per year, you are considered “neither rich ...

  • 4,386
  • 3 years ago
What is the G20 Summit?

The G20 is an acronym that stands for a group of 20. The G20 is a group of 19 countries plus the European Union, trying to work the world economy. The G20 was founded in 1999, with aim to discuss poli...

  • 3,269
  • 4 years ago
Bitcoin facts – Understanding the phenomenon

Bitcoin was founded in 2009, but it didn’t really became popular up until 2013. Nowadays, Bitcoin is more valuable than some companies like McDonalds, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Nike, and Disney

  • 4,737
  • 5 years ago
26 Delicious Chocolate Facts You Should Know

Chocolate was first invented by the Aztecs, who made chocolate from ground cacao seeds. They added seasonings so that they can product spicy and frothy drink

  • 5,777
  • 5 years ago
Meet Betty Cohen – The Woman who made the 90’s Awesome

Betty Cohen founded Cartoon Network in 1992, and she brought some of our favorite cartoons to life

  • 13,448
  • 6 years ago
Huaxi – Secrets of the Richest Village in China

From the outside, Huaxi is dubbed as a socialist village. But on the inside, it is actually a capitalist corporation, managed by Wu and his sons, and with 2,000 shareholders that live comfortably off...

  • 19,374
  • 6 years ago
Airbus A350-1000: 335 million euros worth plane takes its first flight

The aircraft took its first flight from Toulouse-Bagnac Airport at 10:42 am local time

  • 7,457
  • 6 years ago
How Mark Zuckerberg made it to the Forbes Top 10 list?

In May he celebrated his 32nd birthday, and he had some 44 billion reasons to celebrate. That is right, his net worth is estimated at $44.6 billion

  • 8,827
  • 6 years ago
10 Ridiculous facts about Pablo Escobar’s treasure

Born as a son to a poor Colombian farmer, Pablo became the richest man alive by the time he was 35 years old

  • 26,091
  • 6 years ago
How much are Bank CEOs paid? We have the answer

This list takes in account only the yearly salary of people in the banking industry for 2015. Let’s see how well are they paid

  • 6,128
  • 6 years ago
Meet Horison, the World's Most Expensive Animal worth more than CEOs make in years

Horison is a gold mine, as the price of the first offspring is around $55,000, while for the next offspring, the price goes up to $175,000

  • 7,431
  • 6 years ago
Panama Papers - What You Need to Know

The biggest leak journalists ever worked for included 2.6 terabytes of data, or more than 11 million documents

  • 4,658
  • 6 years ago
Kopi Luwak - What Makes the Coffee the Most Expensive in the World

Some say it is the taste that is better due to cat digesting it, others say it’s the rarity

  • 31,899
  • 6 years ago
The Boomerang Generation - Game Changers or Debt Makers

Some of their characteristics are team-orientation, hanging together to socialize and date, working well in groups and rarely preferring individual endeavors. They expect structure at the workplace, a...

  • 5,124
  • 6 years ago
Does David Rockefeller rule the World? New World Order

Now at age 100, David is the oldest living member of the organization. He is also the oldest living member of the Rockefellers, a family that has financial inputs in many industries and areas

  • 46,000
  • 7 years ago
Unknown European Billionaires

When it comes to billionaires, people always think of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Amancio Ortega and so on, but there are some unknown European billionaires as well

  • 9,827
  • 7 years ago
This Saudi Prince Is Giving Away His Entire $32bn Fortune To Charity!

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has decided to put his fortune to good use.

  • 7,720
  • 7 years ago