Tobacco Cancer Treatment


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Tobacco Cancer Treatment

What is it and how does it work?

The disease

Cancer or a malignant tumor represents a number of diseases that involve an abnormal cell growth with the tendency to invade or spread throughout the body. It is estimated that the reasons for the fatal outcome of cancer are:

- Tobacco 22%
- Obesity 10%
- Poor diet 6%

As you can see, the leading cause of fatalities in cancer patients is tobacco. However, there is a scientist who claims that he can treat cancer patients with tobacco. One cannot help but wonder how is that even remotely possible? The answer to that peculiar question is given to us by Greta Zahar, a scientist with a PhD in nanochemistry from the University of Padjadjaran. She is conducting her research and treating patients in Griya Balur clinic, located in East Jakarta.

Zahar developed a special type of cigarettes and filters, which she refers to as the ‘Divine Cigarettes and Filters’. She claims that in the past decade several thousands of patients underwent this treatment and the success rate was incredible. The procedure itself consists of the balur treatment, a detoxification process, which uses the smoke from the specially developed cigarettes to extract poisonous metals like mercury from the patient’s body. This extracting method, as Zahar states, is crucial in the treatment of cancer and a number of other conditions.

The patients

The potential of this treatment and the research of Greta Zahar did not go unnoticed. The molecular biologist from Malang, Sutiman B. Sumitro, and the local GP Saraswati Subagjo recognized the value of Zahar`s work. They changed their opinion on the matter after their spouses, who were diagnosed with cancer, underwent the balur treatment led by Zahar. One of the people that are convinced of the effectiveness of this treatment is Murray Clapham, a business man and a diplomat.

After the treatment he wrote a letter to the Jakarta Post, which was published, on the benefits of such a procedure. As we mentioned earlier, the purpose of the balur treatment is to extract mercury from the body in a process of detoxification. The patient is lying down on a table while oil is being rubbed on them in order to open up the pores on the skin of the patient. After that a specially made rubber syringe is filled with cigarette smoke and it is used to cover the patient`s body in smoke. The following step is to wrap the patient in aluminum foil. Zahar states that the results of this procedure are visible in the course of three months, depending on the health condition of the patient prior to the treatment. She advises caution, health wise, even after a successful treatment.


The World Health Organization states that the leading cause to the occurrence of cancer and the cancer related fatalities is the consumption of cigarettes. Can Zaher`s research prove them wrong and offer an alternative to the common treatments of cancer? A number of people claim that her research is legitimate and that the procedure itself does yield results. As unconventional as all of this seems, the result should be all that counts. In the end all that matters are the patients who are cured and the lives that are saved.

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