The Twin Towers

/ published 8 years ago

The Twin Towers

The Conspiracy

The twin towers also known as the World Trade Center, were built in 1971, and in that moment the two towers were the tallest buildings in the world. They represented, in their own way, the symbols of the Unites States. There were a number of attacks on the buildings during the years of their existence. In 1975 there was a fire on the towers, in 1993 a bomb attack, 1998 a robbery and the so-called terrorist attack in 2001. In the last attack two Boeing 767 planes flew into the buildings.

To the media they told it was an act of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. But the question is was it a terrorist attack? This was the first attack after Pearl Harbor on the American ground. Did the US government plan this attack on their own having in mind various benefits? Even if they are considered as one of the strongest line of defense and are one of the most powerful forces on earth, they were still targeted by the terrorists. Who would have the courage to attack such a force in an act defined as terrorism?

The fact that they accused Iraq and Afghanistan for the attack gave them a chance to go to war with them. They managed to bring down Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, but with no proof of them planning that attack. It can be interpreted as an excuse to go to war and generate income while showing the world what a force they are. US government is there to protect their people’s rights. But do they protect any of the citizens or they just go for they own interests? After the people realized it wasn’t Osama or Saddam, the government took the right to engage in surveillance of every citizen of the United States, in the search for the perpetrators. There is already one example of the violation of human rights, the surveillance without permission.

The fall of the towers gave them numerous possibilities to do things that they could not before, such as gathering their forces around Syria and putting potential terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. The facts can tell us it wasn’t an unplanned attack and for sure it wasn’t a terrorist attack. Korea and the Middle East are opposing the US for a reason, mainly because they are trying to spread capitalism to countries that are against it. Another problem of the US government is that they are in a substantial debt. It is estimated that they owe somewhere around 60 trillion US dollars to the world!

So why not start wars with other countries that have resources like oil and gold? They generate profit from war like no other country because they make their own wars. The fall of the World Trade Centre could be interpreted as a set up of the US government to start a war and occupy territories by force, and make a profit from it. Democracy of the US is being violated by their government. In God We Trust is the motto of the United States of America, remember that!

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