The Oculus Rift: Future of Gaming


/ published 7 years ago

The Oculus Rift: Future of Gaming

Whole different experience of gaming

If you are a gamer and you spend lots of time playing video games, then this product will show you a whole different experience of the games you usually played over a screen. The Oculus Rift is one the products that will be used in the future of game development, trying to show the game you play more realistic and giving you the feeling that you are actually inside it.

Palmer Luckey, is the founder of Oculus, and his idea was to create a new head-mounted display that would make gaming more effective for the player and the price would be more accessible for gamers, comparing to the other products. Another guy called John Carmack, was doing his own research until he stumbled upon Palmers development who has released a prototype on the 2012 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). The Id Software game developer announced a new and updated version of their game Doom3-BFG Edition that would be compatible with the head-mounted display units. Carmack introduced a duck taped head-mounted display during the E3 convention, based on Luckey’s Oculus Rift prototype and it ran on his own software, he managed to provide a stereoscopic 3D perspective whit this unit.

-The Oculus Rift had numerous prototypes and different models until the final version. In 2012 the first version of the Oculus Rift called the DevKit (Developer kit), and they announced that they will give it as a reward on Kickstarter. The first prototypes used a 14cm screen, but the developer kit uses an 18cm screen with a brighter LCD display and color depths of 24 bits per pixel. The Oculus released several new prototypes like the Crystal Cove that included a new tracking system and it used an external camera to track infrared dots on the headset. After that came the Developer kit 2, the Crescent Bay and the Consumer version called the Rift.

-The Oculus Rift is designed to bring you into the game were you can experience a whole new level of gaming. Carmack chooses Luckys Rift to apply on the new Doom 3 game which he developed, and he wants to put the game as it was into a more realistic virtual reality. Rift is designed specifically for games, and it offers another dimension than just a monitor or TV in front of you, a new level of experience were you are able to actually move with your head through the in game world and feel like you actually are inside it.

-The games that support the Oculus Rift are not yet there in a massive amount, but the first game that implied the Rift was Team Fortress 2, after that more developers came to the same idea like the Museum of the Microstar and one of the biggest titles in the game industry Half-Life 2. Nowadays several new titles are playable on the Rift like Left 4 Dead, Skyrim, Portal 2, Bioshock, Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous.

The Rift will cost you around 350$, but it’s a small price to pay if you are video game lover.

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