The Kennedy Conspiracy


/ published 8 years ago

The Kennedy Conspiracy

The reasons why the CIA would kill Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born 29.5.1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts, he served as the 35th President of the United States. During his tenure some notable events happened, Project Apollo, the African-American civil rights movement, building of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the involvement of the US in the Vietnam War. Lot of things that are important for the US history happened during his presidency, until the day of his assassination in November 1963.

But who actually assassinated JFK and why was he shoot down? There are plenty of different theories why he was gunned down, and some of them might be the reason of his assassination and why the CIA planned his death. Kennedy was shot in broad daylight on a downtown Dallas Street, after the investigation the Warren Commission they concluded that he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. They said to the media that he acted alone in the killing, which was almost impossible because two shots were fired from different locations.

The reasons why the CIA would kill Kennedy, well one of them is that he promised to shut down the CIA after the failed Bay of Pigs operation. The firing of the director of the CIA Allen Dulles basically was his last straw. JFK was also making plans how to stop the Vietnam War, that became his main priority. The Roman Catholic Church didn’t like that idea because they were the main instigator of the war. Kennedy was also aware that Israel will terrorize the Middle East, with threats of nuclear war. His brother who was US Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy started the war on organized crime trying to put down the mob families. The American Mafia didn’t like this at all, could be another reason why he was shot by the mob maybe but that’s only one reason. CIA had plenty of them, for example, The Cuban Missile Crisis, the CIA planned to assassinate Fidel Castro. Kennedy’s decision was to make independence throughout the crisis, which made the CIA turn on him for good. The Mafia worked a lot off clandestine operations with the CIA since 1942, their operatives were using CIA planes and other transportation to control the transportation of narcotics. While the Mafia controlled the global drug distribution, so the Mafia and the CIA worked together laundering money of drug profits. Kennedy wanted the people to know about extraterrestrials and UFOs, they might have in storage. JFK secretly brokered a nuclear disarmament treaty with Khrushchev. This was the main reason of his assassination, and it was clear that he was going down somehow.

One fact stays that the FBI and CIA didn’t help the Warren Commission, in the investigation of the assassination of Kennedy. There is no doubt they wanted him dead, the reason was that he knew too much about their secret intelligence, and about the secret military projects. So they couldn’t afford the fact that this information could go public, his brother Robert was also assassinated.

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