The Culture of Steampunk

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The Culture of Steampunk

A movement that is inspired by creativity and imagination

A movement that is inspired by creativity and imagination, it refers to Victorian England or to the Americas Wild West. This genre or movement was influenced by the scientific romances of the 19th century. Jules Verne and H.G. Wells were the most deserving two writers who promoted this movement and created it as it is now. Steampunk is showing an alternate history to the Victorian and Wild West era, some sort of a post-apocalyptic future where steam powered machines prevail. As a subgenre of science fiction, it became really popular as modern movement and it was implied in many movies, cartoons and books.

During the evolvement of this genre, it became more than just a subgenre, it extended to fashion, music, and engineering. While others used it as a lifestyle, by using all kinds of materials, to create unique clothing and accessories, it became very popular during the years. In the cinematography there are a few good examples how it actually looks, for example, the Wild Wild West, here everything is shown in the parallel world. Featured the usage of steam controlled machines and geared accessories.

The origins of the Steampunk term date from late 1980s as a variant of cyberpunk, its popularity was rising and it became more used in different franchises. One of the oldest origins of Steampunk was the Walt Disney film “20.000 Leagues Under the Sea” made in 1954 were you could see the design of the submarine Nautilus. The crew of the Nautilus had a specific gear set that is similar to the modern Steampunk movement, one similar gear set you were able to see in the Bioshock video game released in 2007. The movement has a balance between form and function, the designs were used in various objects like PC keyboards and electric guitars all modified by enthusiasts of the Victorian mechanical Steampunk style.

The Steampunk culture grew even larger through the years being used in almost everything like Arts and Design, fashion, music, television and films, literature, video games, culture and community. Steampunk has its own settings, for example, the alternative world, the American West, Fantasy and Horror, post-apocalyptic and Victorian. They are implementing all of the possible details into one, creating a new and modern style of these genres.

Today Steampunk is spread all over the world and because of his popularity people want to establish a culture and lifestyle of it, also creating their own fashion and home decorations all of this are the aesthetic principles with modern sensibilities and technologies. In 2006, the supporters of this movement managed to organize a neo-Victorian/Steampunk convention, it was called “SalonCon”. It got a lot media attraction and some of the events were covered by MTV and The New York Times. Year by year this movement is growing and many companies start applying the featured Steampunk art into their products, for example the watch company Devon released a limited edition Devon Tread 1 Steampunk watch with a price of 25000 dollars.

Buckle up and get your Steampunk gear and look unique and classy at the same time.

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