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What Motivates a Terrorist

In order to be able to grasp this grizzly concept one must be able to understand the meaning of the word ‘terrorism’. It`s primary meaning is ‘fear’ or ‘terror’, and it encompasses the actions taken in order to terrify a certain definite group of people and the entire human society. The terrorists usually have an additional agenda such as supporting a certain cause determined within the organization to which they belong.

A terrorist group commits acts of violence to:

- Satisfy vengeance

- Produce widespread fear

- Obtain worldwide, national, or local recognition for their cause by attracting the attention of the media

- Harass, weaken, or embarrass government security forces so that the the government overreacts and appears repressive

- Steal or extort money and equipment, especially weapons and ammunition vital to the operation of their group

- Steal or extort money and equipment, especially weapons and ammunition vital to the operation of their group

- Destroy facilities or disrupt lines of communication in order to create doubt that the government can provide for and protect its citizens

- Influence government decisions, legislation, or other critical decisions

Naturally, terrorists cause problems because of the influence of different factors: psychological disorders, religious and cultural views, military and political purposes. To begin with, there is a category of terrorists who conduct a terroristic act just because they have certain psychological problems and they do not have the capacity to understand the consequences of their actions. In fact this group of people is very small, as the majority of the terrorists do it on purpose.

The logic of a terrorist is different, because they do not receive material compensation for their actions; the absolute number of terrorists dies during the act, so the motives are based on religious views. They believe that their deeds have sacred origin and that the consequences of the terroristic act will be praised by the individuals who share the same religious views and moral values. When the faith of a fanatic is very strong, he is able to do everything for the sake of his religion. Finally, the aim of terrorists is to place disorganization into the society and show that the humanity is weak and nothing can protect it from the rapid unpredictable attacks of the terrorists.

One can presume, in conclusion, that the motif of a terrorist is probably deeply rooted in the overzealous and deviant devotion to their religious beliefs without any respect or acknowledgement of other people and their beliefs. The thing that differentiates a terrorist from the rest of the society is the determination and the willingness to go to any lengths, using any means possible, in order to defend their beliefs and to impose them on others.

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