Making Your First Documentary Film: The Ultimate Guide


/ published 8 years ago

Making Your First Documentary Film: The Ultimate Guide

Guiding you throught the creation of your own documentary

The next step is making interviews with relevant people who are in the same industry that your topic surrounds. These interviews can be included in the filming to add content to your documentary film. You can take shots of relevant events or occasions that are relevant to your topic t help drive your point. By choosing a familiar topic can help you cut the costs of making your first documentary film because there are costs of travelling involved to relevant sites of shoot and interviews as well as the actual production. The next thing is trying to make all the information you have collected come together in harmony and an interesting way that makes sense for the viewer. This involves editing your video and script so that the story has an introduction point, the main body, lessons you are trying to teach and finally the conclusion. You can use simple editing software find online to edit the video coverage and burn the final product into a DVD. Your film can have actual events filmed or re-creations that showcase an actual event that took place. This will need actors which might be a challenge for a novice.

Finally you can share the documentary with friend and relatives or upload it on video sharing sites such as YouTube and others or social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This way you can get reviews from such close people and learn what you did wrongly or get a thumps up for good work. It also helps a lot to share the video with experienced producers so as to get their professional opinion which can shape your skills and career too. If you decide to include some music in your first documentary you need to get permission for any recording that is not your own to avoid copyright issues. This goes for any work that you would want to include that is not your own but work from another person. Some of the necessary equipments that you will need are; tripods for holding your camera still on the ground, video editing equipment and software, computers, digital cameras and microphones. Depending on the size of your documentary, you might want to include other cast members to help with the production such as film taking or librarians or editors and actors. Make sure that you keep a record of everything in case of future claims from third parties.

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