Left Handed


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Left Handed

Myths and Facts

There are individuals who show the predominance of the left hand more than the right, from early adolescence. Examination uncovers that left-handedness is, in fact, more frequent in the male populace than in females.

Other than being a natural preference, it is noted that most neurological issues such as, epilepsy, autism, Down syndrome and dyslexia additionally have left-handedness which is accompanying the condition. This is partially hereditary, and in time, a number of myths were fabricated about left handedness, making it difficult to make a distinction between the truth and fiction. Today it is vital to recognize one from the other.

In this article we will finally draw the line between the two. In certain cases the truth will be obvious, but that is not the case with all of the stories revolving around this particular issue. L:

The Myths

1. Left-handed people are ‘sinister’ and have demonic traits.

Obviously, this is a ridiculous claim and has no support whatsoever. It is, however, still pretty common for some reason. The term ‘sinister’ is derived from Latin and it is translated as ‘left handed’. The translation of this word from ancient Mesopotamian is ‘powerfull’.

2. Left-handed people are regarded as extremely clumsy.

This is yet another false claim. The root of this myth probably lies within the phrase “to have two left feet”, which is used to describe a clumsy person, usually a one that cannot dance well.

3. Left-handed children need tutoring while learning to write.

This claim is proven to be false by simply observing children at this particular stage. It is recorded that the left-handed children have no problems with writing whatsoever. In fact, the study has shown that they tend to have a more aesthetic writing style than the right-handed children.

4. Left-handed people have are in a disadvantage in an unarmed combat.

Here is another false assumption. It is actually the very opposite of that claim. The left-handed people are in an advantage due to the fact that they are in a position to deliver a surprise attack to their opponent`s right side which is left unprotected. L:

The Facts

1. The use of tools is, at times, more demanding for the left-handed people.

This is partially true due to the fact that, until recently, most of the tools were designed for the right-handed people. Today there are a number of tools which are designed for the left-handed people. Some equipment, such as the computer mouse or the touch pad, can be adjusted in a way to suit the needs of the left-handed users.

2. A recent study has discovered that left-handed people tend to be high achievers.

This is on the grounds that their brains are organized to enlarge their capacities, a quality that is hereditary, and by virtue of the improved administering of ‘language centers’ inside the cerebrum. Various geniuses from the fields of art, sport and mathematics are left-handed.

3. Right-handedness is forced upon left-handed people.

Unfortunately, this is proven to be the case in a great number of left-handed children. Luckily, this particular custom is being abandoned due to today`s social awareness of the issue.

4. The lifespan of left-handed people is shorter.

Statistical data of an old study has proven that the left-handed people are prone to accidental fatalities due to the use of right-handed utilities and tools. If this study was conducted today, this would probably not be the case.


Some of the issues which the left-hand population faced before are a thing of the past. People adjusted a number of items for the 'lefties' that we use on a daily basis from guitars and tools, to the various utilities.

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