Demolition Town New Zealand – Trip to a Surreal Town


/ published 10 months ago

Demolition Town New Zealand – Trip to a Surreal Town

It is an entire ghost town made from recycled materials and mannequins. They are strategically placed to freak people out

Imagine taking a trip to surreal little town. There, the only creatures watching your every move are chickens and geese. And you have no living company, only mannequins. Well, that is the reality in Demolition World in Invercargill, New Zealand.
It is an entire ghost town made from recycled materials and mannequins. They are strategically placed to freak people out.
In this town, tourists can visit the old church, toy shops, or even go to a health clinic. And on the entire road, they will meet resident mannequins including one in a Superman outfit, a bride, and more.

How Everything Started

Demolition World is an extension of David and Lee Fallow’s family scrap business. It is part salvage yard, part ghost town. It started with one couple’s fascination with stuff and recycled materials. And of course, their wish to take fellow treasure hunters on a journey.

David and Lee have curated and staged their collection as a mysterious small town. It comes from years of buying and selling salvage, building demo, rescuing and recycling old structures.
Everything started in 2003, when they hit on an early charming way for customers to peruse it all. Soon, they expanded their yard and turned it into a small ghost town. They completely rebuilt a church, where you can see a bride with golden ringlets left at the altar, a pioneer kitchen, a toy shop, and an imaginary dental and medical clinic.
The mannequin population includes rare vintage models, some as early as the 1940s. Despite all of its creepiness, Demolition World is jovial and welcoming. Lee Fallow loves to say, “You never know what you might find”.

Remember when Visiting

This place is like no other. It is a hidden gem that will take you on a journey back through time and into a world constructed from demolished buildings and recycled items. Wander down the main street and you can visit the haunted theatre, historical school, and more.

Or, you can pack a picnic and share a sandwich with animals like chickens and alpacas by the castle.
There is no fee to come or look around. But it is customary to leave a donation in the box on your leaving. Parking spaces are also available.

What People are Saying?

Some visitors say that knowing it was an actual demolition yard does not quite prepare you for the attraction you are about to witness.

The owners have carefully allocated the accumulation of junk to various areas and made it look clean and tidy.
It is so unique that it makes it worth a visit. At the same time, the place is terrifying, spectacular, surreal, and inspirational.

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