Boko Haram Massacres


/ published 8 years ago

Boko Haram Massacres

Boko Haram's Campaign of Violence

Boko Haram is a militant and Islamic movement based in northeast Nigeria, they are also spreading in Chad, Niger and Cameroon. Their main motive is that the western education is forbidden and they are also called as the “People Committed to the Prophets Teachings for Propagation and Jihad”. The founder of the group is Mohammad Yusuf and he was the leader until his execution, after that Abubakar Shekau, also known as Darul Tawheed meaning 'the abode of monotheism',

Boko Haram`s Campaign of Violence:

-In 2010 they did a massive prison break in the Maiduguri prison, they managed to break out 105 of Boko Haram`s members along with over 600 other prisoners, after the escape the managed to launch attacks in northern Nigeria.

-In 2011 Boko Haram did a lot of bombings during the presidential elections in Nigeria targeting the military and the police. They managed to carry out 115 attacks and killed about 550 people during this year. A state of emergency had to be declared in a lot of states in Nigeria.

-In 2012 the state of emergency continued and the Boko Haram gave an ultimatum to south Nigeria, giving them three days to leave during these three days they committed lots of small attacks and bombings. They denounced violence and human rights abuse.

-In 2013 Boko Haram did a lot of operations in Cameroon, Niger and Chad. They were responsible for the kidnapping of seven French tourist in Cameroon and committing several attack all over the country.

-In 2014 they kidnapped 267 schoolgirls of which 50 managed to escape, but the leader Shekau declared his attention of selling them into slavery. Boko Haram managed to kidnap Cameroons vice-presidents wife and constantly increase the militant activity in the country. They even announced an Islamic caliphate.

Boko Haram`s Deadliest Massacre:

The year 2015 did not start well for the citizens of Baga in Nigeria, the militant group of Boko Haram raided the city and killed about 2000 civilians. This is the biggest and deadliest massacre in the history of this city. The security forces have responded and conducted air strikes against the militant group. Some of the important people in Nigeria accused the West for ignoring the threat of this group, and told them they should have some compassion like they did for the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris,

Hopefully the world’s biggest powers will get involved in this and try to save the people of Nigeria by offering them some help and trying to sustain the deadly Boko Haram.

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