A Personal Review of Religulous Documentary


/ published 8 years ago

A Personal Review of Religulous Documentary

Bill Maher’s journey around the world, reasearching organized religion

10 Thumbs Up For The Movie Religulous

The film Religulous, which is a funny word mixing religious with ridiculous (I myself love to make up words in a similar fashion, so the title had me before the movie) is a truly brilliant work of satire filmmaking based on the often controversial politcal comedian and writer Bill Maher’s “Spiritual Journey” around the world to examine (or scoff at) the world of organized religion. His journey takes him far and wide around the world to examine various religions by conducting interviews with religious believers and leaders in his cynical tone that I, as an agnostic, found completely amusing.

I really enjoyed getting to see a real interview with the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. I personally never thought I would get to see such a thing in a movie, but thanks to Bill Maher’s quest, I did. Supposedly this man was blessed by 2 angels who annointed him as the second coming of Jesus Christ, and after I saw this movie, I rethought my agnostic standing. It was also reassuring to know that this “Jesus” gives 100% towards being our Lord savior. Who’d want a Lord savior who only gave 99%?

I also really enjoyed the visit to the Holy Land amusement park. After watching this, I checked how many bonus points I have for flights because I really want to go to a fun place where I can be blessed, watch bible reinactments that include an actor playing Jesus swirling around on stage to a catchy little dance number, and spend a bunch of my money on things like a pocket sized version of the 10 commandments that I can carry around with me just incase I need to make sure some possible sin I’m about to commit didn’t make the list. Phew.

All in all, I loved this movie. Bill Maher shares my views on the insanity of organized religion, and I laughed and laughed as he called out all of the “believers” about their close minded views on religion. He pointed out many interesting facts, such as how all religions are based on Pagan beliefs that are twisted to form the views of every religion there is, and he also pointed out the obvious with statements made to the effect of how organized religion is truly just a way to keep people controlled. I learned a lot of things I kind of already knew from watching Religulous. When someone has religion as a crutch, they rarely venture out of a strict, rigid standard of living because they are afraid of burning in hell, and by living life this way, a person can miss out on a lot in life. I’m not saying religion is bad, (ok, maybe I am) because if it gives a person comfort, then who am I to judge, I just don’t think that religion needs to be enforced and demanded on people in politics or the way they live their lives if they are non believers. There is no such thing as being a hell bound demon just because you live your life gay, (thanks, Bill) and if you spend your whole life waitiing for the rapture, you’re going to be waiting a long time. A long, boring time free of fun things like sin.

If I had 10 thumbs, I’d give them all up to the movie Religulous, although I’m sure some people would give it two fingers up, middle ones, that is. Bill Maher’s mockumentary is a brilliant, funny, satrical look at the one thing most religions have in common, ignorance. I truly loved this movie because it reflects my views on religion in so many ways, and I only hope it helps to enlighten those of us who could use a dose of some common sense when it comes to religion, but I’m sure they’re all too busy with church right now…

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