Shooting In Charleston Church South Carolina - 9 Dead


/ published 7 years ago

Shooting In Charleston Church South Carolina - 9 Dead

There has been a shooting yesterday evening at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, killing 9

There has been a shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, killing 9 people.

The incident happened yesterday evening, during a prayer congregation and the suspect is still at large. The shooter is being described as a clean-shaven white male, of slender build with sandy blonde hair and estimated to be in his 20's. He was wearing blue jeans, a grey sweatshirt and boots.

In 1816 The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was established by African-American members of the Charleston's Methodist Episcopal Church after a dispute over burial grounds and has been a huge part of the community for African-American church goers.

The mayor described the scene as "Obviously the most intolerable and unbelievable act possible. People in prayer Wednesday evening. A ritual, a coming together, praying, worshiping God. An awful person came in and shot them, its inexplicable!"

Police are underway to capture the man responsible before anyone else is hurt in this tragedy that is being described as "A horrific act of hate crime"

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