The 12 Best Documentaries About Cats

Jul 14, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

For centuries, cats have been our faithful companions and muses. We’ve seen them in paintings, literature, movies…even documentaries! There’s something special about cats that captures us – their movements, the way they sleep or meow – it all adds to their charm. So why not learn more about them this weekend by watching some of these great documentaries about cats? From learning how cats communicate to exploring the bond between humans and felines, these films will provide an insightful look into our furry friends’ lives. Get ready for a purr-fect evening with your feline friend!


1. Cat Ladies, Obsessive Cat Owners

Are you a ‘cat lady’ or an obsessive cat owner? Do you know someone with cats that they connect deeply to, forming an independent world where they can find acceptance and value in themselves?This documentary explores the life of a ‘cat lady’, taking a closer look at why these ladies choose to live with their cats. We examine how these relationships have been viewed by society and ask whether it is really about the number of cats someone has or something else entirely. Join us on our journey as we explore this unique relationship between human and animal.


2. Urban Wildlife. Cats

The relationship between cats and humans is a long one, stretching back thousands of years. But what has changed in this dynamic? We explore the urban wildlife of cats to find out how they are able to survive on their own even in desolate environments, and if they ever need an owner. See how these graceful animals have adapted to living alongside people for centuries! Watch our documentary on cats – uncovering the mysteries of their behavior as well as the rules we set for them in cities.


3. The Ideal Companion

Have you ever wanted to know more about cats and why they are such an important part of society? This documentary is a must-watch for cat lovers everywhere! We’ll take you on a journey through the history of cats, charting their evolution over time and exploring different breeds that make up our feline friends today. From discovering why cats have been so popular with humans for thousands of years, to learning about the best breeds, this documentary has it all!


4. The Wonderful World of Cats

The cat: one of the most beloved creatures on earth, and yet also one of the most efficient hunters in nature. In this documentary, we explore cats both wild and domesticated – from lions to tigers, cheetahs to housecats. We’ll take a look at how humans have managed to tame these powerful animals and make them our friends – something not many people would expect when they think “nature.” But that’s why it’s worth it – with cats in our lives, we get companionship as well as an incredible hunter. Learn more about the wonderful world of cats today!


5. Follow Your Cat: What Felines get up to When They Leave the House

Do you ever wonder what your cat gets up to when they leave the house? Well now, with our modern technology and a behavioural scientist that specializes in cats, we will follow the cats on their hunting grounds! In this documentary, you’ll get an inside look at how cats map out their routes, uncover their secret favourite places (even if it’s only at nighttime), chronicle territorial conquests of these enigmatic creatures… And watch them play! Join us as we Follow Your Cat: What Felines get up to When They Leave the House.


6. Cat Tales

Cats have been an integral part of human society for centuries, but the real story behind our mysterious feline companions is far more complex than most people think. In this documentary, explore the journey between cats being worshipped as goddesses and condemned as satanic creatures. Learn how cats were selectively bred into a stunning variety of breeds, and discover what science can tell us about these enigmatic animals that we’ve kept close to our hearts for so long.


7. Cat Family – Species of Cats

Discover the incredible story of how cats evolved from small, forest-dwelling creatures to become one of the most successful species on Earth. We learn about their flexible limbs that help them climb giant trees and super senses that give them an advantage when hunting prey. Learn about larger cats like lions, tigers, cheetahs and leopards as well as lesser known species such as servals, caracals, Pallas’s cats and sand cats. An amazing journey into the world of our feline friends!


8. Africa’s Most Secretive Big Cats

Step into Botswana’s Okavango Delta and witness an incredible real-life story of three leopards. Follow their journey as they compete to dominate a prized leopard territory, engaging in intense drama and tension along the way. Watch as these secretive big cats hunt for prey while confronted with tragic circumstances that will leave you heartbroken. Discover the secret lives of Africa’s most elusive creatures on this unforgettable adventure!


9. The Lynx is Back

Are you curious to learn more about the mysterious lynx? Follow us on an adventure into the Bohemian forest and discover how these shy animals use their impressive athletic abilities to remain unseen. With the help of local rangers, we use 15 cameras with sensors to catch all their activities during hunting and mating season. Witness firsthand how these talented hunters leap through the trees, and see why they are so elusive! Come join us as we explore this wonderful creature’s habitat and uncover its secrets.


10. A day in the life of a cat

Cats are often seen as domesticated animals, but the truth is they can be just as wild and adventurous. This documentary follows a unique cat through its daily adventures in an urban environment, giving us insight into the lives of these mysterious creatures. Witness how cats adapt to their surroundings and why they thrive in cities while learning about the fascinating history of cats living among humans!


11. Exploring The Elegant Lynx In 4K

Witness the beauty of the wild lynx in 4K! Explore their natural habitat, from the Bohemian and Bavarian forests. See them up close as they hunt and play – a testament to their feisty nature. This stunning documentary will show you why these elegant creatures have become an icon of strength and resilience. Get ready for a captivating experience!


12. Wonderful World Of Cats – Domestic Cats

Discover the delightful world of cats! From their playful nature to their hunting capabilities, cats make wonderful pets. Join us as we explore the various aspects of domestic cats – from how they interact with humans to how they hunt vermin. With our in-depth look into these furry creatures, you’ll come away knowing far more than when you started!

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