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This category contains all of the relevant documentaries and video data concerning the events that played out on the faithful Tuesday, September 11th in 2001.

On Tuesday morning, four US commercial flight aircrafts were taken by 19 hijackers in total. All hijacked aircrafts were large Boeing, long flight planes, with hi capacity fuel tanks (which were probably the selection criteria, keeping in mind their devious purpose).

The events that followed shocked the world. The flight coordinates were changed, and as they progressed on their new course the grizzly plan of the hijackers was revealed. Unfortunately it was too late for any action to be taken to prevent the disaster that was about to happen. Two of the aircrafts collided with the World Trade Center; the third was aimed towards the Pentagon and the fourth had crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, southeast of Pittsburgh.

As the result of these attacks 2,996 people lost their lives. In the following days a death toll was estimated to be over 6,000, which is more than double of what was initially confirmed. The process of identification of the victims is still ongoing.

Other than human casualties, an enormous material damage was made. Aside from the Twin Towers, the following buildings were completely destroyed, demolished or marked inhabitable: WTC buildings 3 through 7, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, the Marriott Hotel, the U.S. Customs House, the Deutsche Bank Building and two pedestrian bridges.

The Pentagon building suffered the collapse of one of its sections due to the aircraft crash and the fire that followed.

To the present day, numerous investigations were conducted to uncover and apprehend the person or persons responsible for these monstrous attacks. Along with the investigation progress, a number of documentaries have been filmed, some concerning the attacks while others are dealing with the aftermath. Some of them go as far as providing the evidence of various conspiracy theories about the mastermind responsible for the attacks and the motifs behind it.

Follow different stories in these documentaries and having all the facts in mind, draw your own conclusion as to what is the truth behind the 9/11 attacks.

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The Twin Towers

The Conspiracy

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A Personal Review of Fahrenheit 9/11 Documentary

Moore takes a piercing look at the state of national security, patriotism, and war

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Most Controversial Documentaries

Some of the most ground breaking and controversial documentaries there are.

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